Ad Valorem Services ~ Asset Management

Established in 1987, Protrac, Inc. is an engineering based firm representing the industrial and mineral sector throughout the United States.  Specializing in detailed valuation and reporting, Protrac, Inc. represents its clientele in all aspects of asset management and property tax matters, including:

  • Property Tax Compliance and Negotiations
  • Asset Evaluation
  • Acquisition and Site Studies
  • Abatement and Exemption Applications
  • Forecasting and Planning
  • Audit Reviews

Protrac, Inc. recognizes the value of the relationship between industry, community and governmental entities. Dedicated to this principle, Protrac, Inc. works to ensure the client is placed in the most favorable, fair and equitable tax position while promoting and maintaining industry’s reputation as a respected and responsible corporate partner.  As a small but highly experienced firm, Protrac, Inc. has built its reputation as a leader in the industry by providing a personal and responsive working relationship resulting in effective results.

How to Reach Us

Tel. 281.589.0562     Fax 281.589.9644

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